about Arizona 100

Early histories were first posted at Arizona100.blogspot.com

Beginning in October, 2009 with the origin of the name “Arizona,” short histories of Arizona communities followed–one for each letter of the alphabet, Ajo, Bisbee, Chandler, etc.  After reaching the end of the alphabet, histories of two more communities were added:   Prescott & Tombstone.

Interspersed with community histories, are articles about special topics–“Arizona Apocalypto,” Arizona railroads, aviation,, highways, American Indian tribes, the Arizona gold rush, the Five “C’s” of the Arizona economy, the legend of the Lost Dutchman Mine, etc.

As the Centennial year draws to a close, posting on this blog has ended.  Thanks to all the readers and for all the comments.

5 Responses to about Arizona 100

  1. j.hammonds says:

    Would the history of Arizona wildlife management, 1912–1962, be of interest to this blog?

  2. Robert Lucas says:

    Ms. Hammonds, you have a nice blog on wild life. Has Bringing Back the Game been pubished yet? I don’t see it listed on line. Sounds interesting.

  3. j.hammonds says:

    Thanks for your kind comment about my blog! Regarding “Bringing Back the Game,” we’re going to press next month, with official publication anticipated in October.

  4. Juli Weber says:

    Is it possible to obtain permission to use one of your postcard images in a newsletter printed by a company which manufactures/sells railroad safety products/

  5. Dear Friends: we need to obtain a digital scan–and permission to reproduce–a Fred Harvey postcard which you displayed on your 2012 state centennial Blog: a Santa Fe RR passenger train, circa 1915, cutting through the desert. Do you know who owns the rights to this postcard?

    My company, Aldon Company Inc (Waukegan, Illinois) issues a company newspaper every year to its customers, 20,000 copies one time printing, and permanent display on our company website (www.aldonco.com) . This years our story is about the railroads and the American presidency, l830 to 1952.

    Can you help us find the postcard and its owner?


    Joe Ornig
    Aldon Company Inc (company e-mail jornig@aldonco.com) I am writing to you from my home today.

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