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Kingman: Heart of Route 66 Is Still Beating The county seat of Mohave County is located in a pass between the rugged Cerbat Mountains on the north and the tall Hualapai Mountains on the south, affording passage from the Hualapai … Continue reading

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Jerome Always Teetered On the Brink Arizona’s “Billion Dollar Copper Camp” it was called, “America’s Most Unique City,” “Largest Ghost City in America,” “One Mile High With a Fifty-Mile View.” Despite all the accolades Jerome has spent the past 126 … Continue reading

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Globe: The Greatest Copper Camp Survived Without Copper Searching for gold, prospectors found silver instead, in the rugged mountains south of the Salt River canyon in the early 1870s. Within a few years, Globe City would be built along Pinal … Continue reading

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Five “C’s” Supported The Arizona Economy “For decades, school children in Arizona have been taught the five C’s: Copper, Cattle, Cotton, Citrus and Climate. That’s what I studied when growing up in St. John’s and that’s what my children learned … Continue reading

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Douglas: “The Smelter City” Cleaned Up To Become “The Premier Southwestern Border Community.” After 20 years smelting ore at Bisbee, the Phelps Dodge Copper Queen mine realized that Mule Pass Gulch “is not a desirable location for a smelter. The … Continue reading

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Bisbee, “Queen of the Copper Camps,” and “Little San Francisco.” Following early exploration by Hugh Jones, Cavalry Sgt. Jack Dunn discovered rich outcroppings of copper ore in the Mule Mountains in 1877. George Warren followed up to create the Warren … Continue reading

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Life in old Bisbee went full blast. Early Bisbee residents choked on fumes from the mining operations, especially the Copper Queen smelter seen in this view from near Sacramento Hill looking west about 1903. But as long as the smoke … Continue reading

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