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Tombstone: Tough As Helldorado

Late in 1877 adventuresome prospector Ed Schieffelin (1847-1897) left the safety of Fort Huachuca to look for silver in the hills on the east side of the San Pedro River in southeastern Arizona.  Rich ore had been found there 20 … Continue reading

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Arizona Skyways Were Sunny & Blue

According to Border Air Museum in Douglas, the first airplane to fly in Arizona was a glider built in 1908 by Douglas Aeronautical Club members.  They added an engine the following year and in 1913 the by then obsolete design … Continue reading

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Prescott: The Mile-Hi City Was Where It All Began

The Territory of Arizona was created during the Civil War, and undoubtedly as a result of that conflict.  Residents of southern New Mexico Territory had lobbied Congress for independence from Santa Fe for years, finally turning to the Confederacy (see … Continue reading

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Arizona Highways Were Built by the Numbers

  A modern roads movement took hold of the US in the 1890s as a stimulus to expand corporate sales far beyond local markets and provide farm produce to growing cities.  Roads that were built or begun with private funding … Continue reading

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Yuma: Gateway City and Sunshine Haven

In the southwestern corner of Arizona the capricious Colorado River meanders among hills and around mesas toward a confluence with the Gila.  The combined flow then heads west for a few miles before turning south again and into Mexico.  There, … Continue reading

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Winslow: The Meteor City Is Still In Motion In 1876, the LDS church called missionary families to colonize the relatively unpopulated Little Colorado River valley in northeastern Arizona. They were to establish towns along a transportation corridor down the eastern … Continue reading

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U-V-X-Z: The Sad History of ValentineThis blog has presented histories of Arizona Communities, one for each letter of the alphabet. But few places took names beginning with U, X and Z. “Union” was the first name chosen for the town … Continue reading

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