Happy 100th Birthday Arizona ! (almost) 1912-2012
Recalling the past hundred years and before—the renown episodes, the forgotten history and the secrets.

Arizona 1912 – 2012
The Sonoran Desert State – The Grand Canyon State – The Mountain Forest State

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  1. Debbie Wykle says:

    Hello, I am from Logan, Ohio. I am 54 years old, My mother who is 74 lived in a trailer court in Tucson with her family when she was young. She has given me the task to find anything about this trailer park and I come up empty handed everywhere. it was called the Penington Trailer Court
    the picture of it has a sign that says 1434 on the office sign. They moved there for a couple years for her health. I have a name of Vi Waggoner as one of the residents then, and a couple of others pictures. Do you know or have any suggestions as to were I can took for this trailer park information? it would be so appreciated. Their names are Ralph and Pauline Wadsworth, son was Sonny and her name Marietta.

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